Stanley Cup Playoffs

Western Conference

Eastern Conference

Updated May 19, 2024

Recent Changes

DET logo The Red Wings entered the bracket at the number 4 seed.
WAS logo The Capitals left the bracket.
LV logo Golden Knights (seed 3 → 4)
BOS logo Bruins (seed 1 → 2)
FLA logo Panthers (seed 2 → 1)
LA logo Kings (seed 4 → 3)
NYI logo Islanders (seed 4 → 3)

NHL Playoff Rules (Updated for 2020)

The NHL has decided to expand the NHL playoffs from 16 to 24 teams. Since the NHL has made the decision to cancel the rest of the regular season, we can now correctly seed the teams with 12 teams from the Western Conference and 12 from the Eastern Conference.

  1. The top 4 teams in each conference will begin the playoffs by playing a round robin tournament. The team with the best record from this round robin will be awarded the #1 seed with the second best team receiving the #2 seed and so on.
  2. For now, we have ranked the top 4 teams in each conference by record. However, these teams will most likely shift around based on how they perform in the beginning tournament. Every team within this round robin will be given a first round bye.
  3. The rest of the tournament seeds are set in stone, based on season record.
  4. The first round will be a best of 5 series, while the rest of the playoffs will be a best of 7 series.