Frequently Asked Questions

Learn a bit about Bracketcaster

What is Bracketcaster? is a website that projects different professional leagues playoff picture using their current standings. We allow you to be able to better visualize the playoff field as well as better understand the potential matchups later in the tournament!

Why did you make Bracketcaster?

As sport enthusiasts, we found ourselves consistently looking at each league's current standings wasting time figuring out all the possible matchups for the playoffs. After one day of spending far too much time looking into the standings and understanding complicated tiebreaker rules, we thought there must to be an easier way. Why not create a website that does all the work for you? In came the idea of bracketcaster which takes away the headache of learning the rules for each league and displays them in an easy to comprehend bracket!

How does Bracketcaster work?

First, we take the current standings of each professional sport league. Then we use our knowledge of each leagues playoff seeding rules (along with tiebreaker rules) and use this to create a playoff bracket that is reliable and easy to follow.

Which bracket or feature will we add next?

Here at Bracketcaster, we are constantly working to improve the quality of our website. If you have a suggestion on a new feature, or on which sport we should add next, please let us know! Feel free to leave us a message in the 'Contact us' page. We look forward to reading your message and following through on your suggestion.